At MyMixology we offer a host of different bar services and packages. Every client has different needs, and we craft a customized package and plan for every event. Whether you are opening a bar, training your barstaff, or throwing a party, MyMixology will take care of all your needs.


Opening or Revamping Your Bar

New bars, restaurant & nightclubs only get one shot at success.

The main focus of what earth bar offer in relation to opening a new bar is infrastructure. We provide solutions that work. The steps involved in opening a bar include:

  • Researching local competition

  • Recruiting staff (assisting with interviewing)

  • Helping selecting bar Equipment and bar layout for max efficiency

  • Ordering and inventory spreadsheets

  • Procedures

  • Training staff

  • Creating winning cocktail’s menu

  • Creating Spirits selection

Private Events

I provide comprehensive bar services for a diversity of special events. I possess the knowledge and expertise as well as personnel to handle every type and size of event with exemplary professionalism. I will also accommodate any of your particular requirements and offer suggestions designed to enhance the occasion.

Everything I offer is going to be personalize according to the customer need

MyMixology will supply you with professional bartenders.

The number of bartenders will depend on the number of guests expected.

You are responsible for providing the portable bar, mixers, supplies and alcohol. I will assist you with the correct quantities of each item.

Home Bars and Curation

With the overwhelming number of spirits on the market I help you develop your home bar according to your taste, the true quality of the products and on what most of the people like to drink so you can easily impress and please all your guests

Make cocktails never been so easy I offer one on one training class so you’re going to be able to create or reproduce any cocktails and when I say any, I mean it.

Booking and Scheduling

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